UCCX – 10 – Managing UCCX – 2

Walkthrough of UCCX Administration Page

System -> Server

Unified CM Telephony Subsystem – OUT OF SERVICE

Once we start to configure, this will enable the service and bring the overall CCX engine into service.

Unified CM Configuration (Saw this through the wizard)

System Parameters

Media Parameters – CODEC – G711/G729

Application Parameters

  • No Access to Teams
  • Access to Supervisors Teams Only
  • Access to all teams

Max Number of executed steps = 1000

License Information – Add/Display Licenses


  • Application Management
    Script Management
    Prompt Management
    Grammar Management
    Document Management
    AAR Management (All files in bulk, in archive format)
  • Subsystems ->
    Unified CM Telephony ->
    Call Control Group
  • RmCm ->
    Resource Groups,
    CSQ etc…
    Remote Monitor – Cool!
    Agent Based Routing – Automatic Work/Wrap Up Time
  • Wizards – Newbies!
    Application Wizard
    RmCM Wizard

Tools -> User Management