UCCX – 15 – UCCX Provisioning – Part 4

  • Creation of Call Control Group – Pool of IVR Ports or CTI Ports
  • Application – To create or associate the Script, Trigger and CCG.


Add new Call Control Group from Subsystems – RmCm

When you click Add, you will use the CTI Ports being created, check this in CUCM.


Create the Trigger, however we will need an Application available first.

Create the Application, set max number of sessions/calls. Reference the CSQ name here.

**Scripting has not yes been discussed** ICD.aef is the default and is used in the demonstration.

Now add the Trigger through the Application, or via the RmCm menu.

Max Sessions can be set on the Application or Trigger. Application is the Parent and can have many Triggers, so you can limit 50 on the Application with 5 Triggers for example, with a limit of 10 on each. **Uses FIFO on the Application

If the demo we end up with this: