UCCX – 2 – Cisco UCCX Terminology


Unified CM Telephony Subsystem

  • Provides a mechanism for CCX to communicate with CUCM
  • An Application User with CTI permission is defined in CUCM
  • Unified CCX uses JTAPI messaging
  • CCX Login and provides routing services

Route Request Message

How to route the call from CUCM to CCX?

Create an Application (Maps the script and Trigger)

Create the Trigger in CCX
Create the Trigger in CUCM – (CTI Route Point)

Route Request is sent to CCX from CUCM

Create Call Control Group in UCCX (Pool of IVR ports. Will contact UCM and create CTI ports)
Max number of sessions between UCCX and UCM

Unified CM – CTI Route Point + CTI Port
Unified CCX – Trigger + Call Control Group

A UCCX system can provide up to 400 logical IVR ports (also called CTI Ports)

Each CTI Port and CTI Route Points are assigned a unique directory number (Extension) like a phone.

The creation of the CTI Ports and CTI Route Points on Unified CM are done automatically. (When you create Trigger and CCG)

Resource Manager Subsystem

Is responsible for monitoring the states of agents and selecting agents based upon the agent skills and queue skills required.

  • Resource = Agent
  • Resource Group = Group of agents
  • Skill
  • Contact Service Queue (CSQ)