UCCX – 4 – Cisco UCCX Software + Database Components

Software Components

4 components:

  • Unified CCX Engine
  • Database
  • Monitoring
  • Recording

Unified CCX Engine provides the core ACD, IVR and CTI.

4 data stores:

  • Configuration data store – Resources, Skills, Resource Group, Team and CSQ
  • Repository data store – Stores Prompts, scripts, grammars and docs
  • Agent data store – Agent logs and statistics
  • Historical data store – CDR

Monitoring and Recording Components

Enhanced and Premium allows a supervisor to silently monitor the Agent call and also allow the agent call to be recorded

Agent call recording can be triggered in 3 ways:

  • Supervisor clicks the Record button on Cisco Supervisor Desktop for a specified agent calls
  • Agent clicks the Record button on CAD or IPPhone Agent
  • Workflow configuration auto triggers complete call recording on certain types of calls for agents using CAD.

Unified CCX Provides 2 mechanisms – SPAN Port Monitoring and Desktop monitoring.


Desktop Monitoring

RTP data is sent from CAD and when Supervisor clicks on Silent Monitor, the RTP is sent cross to the CSD.


Desktop Based Recording is very similar, however the CAD or CSD can initiate the call and forward the RTP streams to the Unified CCX server.

Further reading on monitoring and recording: