UCCX – 5 – Cisco UCCX Installation


  • Installation of the Cisco UCCX Software on the First Node or Publisher Node first and then on the Second Node has to be done.
  • NTP and DNS configuration are mandatory for Unified CCX installation. Both Forward and Reverse records are required in the DNS server.
  • Configure the server by using a static IP address so that the server IP address remains unchanged.

Components Used

  • Unified CCX 9.x that is packaged with Linux based UC Operating System (UCOS)
  • It is an appliance model developed by Cisco
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.x (CUCM)
  • Hardware for both UCCX and CUCM: Approved Media Convergence Servers (MCS) B-series or C-Series servers (UCS)

Training installing UCCX 9.x in ESXi 5.1

  • OVA template used for sizing the VMs
  • OVF – Open Virtualisation Format
    OVA – Open Virtualisation Archive
  • OVA is a archive/ZIP of an OVF file contains a VMX file and a VMDK file
  • Doesn’t contain the actual data on the vDisk, rather it only provides the geometry of the disk.

Installation Steps

  • Download OVA File and have the ISO image ready
  • Deploy OVA template
  • Generate Answer File
  • Create DNS Host Record in DNS Server
  • Power on the Virtual Machine
  • Mount the Floppy Drive

10.5 UCCX Installation Guide from Cisco.com: