UCCX – 8 – UCCX Initial Setup



Setup Access Control Group for CCX AXL

Add Role to Group for Standard AXL API Access

Create an Application User – ‘uccxaxluser’

Add to Access Control Group – CCX AXL (This will populate the Role)

UCCX Admin – Define connection into the AXL Service Provider

Fresh Install

Publisher IP + AXL Credentials


Add License File (Browse)
Open ISO File and License is embedded within

Components Activation

Publisher Activation ->

Unified CM Configuration – AXL and CTI Managers (JTAPI + RMCM Credentials, will get pushed into UCM)

**Pub as Primary and Sub as Secondary

System Parameters -> Codec G711/G729 etc… ->

Language Selection

UCM – End User – Create an End User for UCCXAdmin

User Configuration in CCX – Search for UCCXAdmin account and make an Administrator

Setup Result Information = COMPLETE INSTALLATION