Cisco TMS Provisioning Extension

This topic describes the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (TMS) Provisioning Extension features.

TMS Provisioning Extension simplifies scaling of video across the enterprise:

Benefits Description
Provisioning Scale Simplifies management of up to 100,000 telepresence users across disparate locations and networks Automated user account and phone book creation
Intuitive Meetings Intuitive Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMRs) Configure personal CMR preferences.
Intuitive Scheduling Extend scheduling capability to everyone. Smart Scheduler simplifies the booking process for single and recurring telepresence meetings.
Endpoint Support Quick deployment with predefined templates Low touch provisioning for C, E, EX, MX, and SX Series endpoints and Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence and iPad

The figure shows the main features and benefits of the Cisco TMS Provisioning Extension.


Smart Scheduler is a part of Cisco TMS Provisioning Extension.


Author: drbabbers - my personal journey to ccie